Who We Are

JKM RC Solutions is a small online business run by John McNelly aka JulietKiloMike that specializes in short-run manufacturing, distribution and design of specialty RC products to make the hobbies you love more enjoyable. Check out my product listings on eBay, Amazon, and RCGroups!

Drop by and say hello!

Above all else, I love to meet and help out fellow fliers who enjoy tinkering, flying, and crashing as much as I do. Feel free to shoot me a message or check out my latest projects on RCGroups! If you have an idea for a new product you'd like to see, I'd love to hear it; let me know and I'll do my best to make it a reality!

We're proud to help our customers.

JKM solutions is a small business that relies on good customer relationships. My products are tested and re-tested before being packed up and sent out to customers, but sometimes the unpredictable can happen. If you received a lemon, let me know and I'll replace it right away, it free of charge. Message me on eBay, Amazon, or RCGroups, and I'll be sure to make things right.